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Okkie Huijsdens at Wisseloord Studios

When I was studying Jazz(drums) at the Arnhem Conservatory, I was lucky to part of the band “I Knew It” when we got a recorddeal for 2 Singles! We got a couple of daysof studiotime in the Wisseloord Studio in Hilversum. Back then it was the biggest studiocomplex in Europe. I remember we were there between sesions of Mick Jagger and David Bowie. I was flabbergasted by the magic and the creation of music at that place! Seeing Okkie Huijsdens (RIP) at work seemed magical to me!  Suddenly playing drums seemed a minor detail in music . Not long after I started recording and producing  together with Andreas Kretschmeier, a fellow student at the school! We recorded and produced music the rest of the years at music college! Mostly in Andreas dorm room! Andreas was already miles ahead in recording and mixing techniques. Which was a good learning experience for me! I’m still thankful for that! I also started to go to other studio’s to be “a fly on the wall” and see what was happening.I attended  a lot of recording and mixengineering workshops in The Netherlands, USA and Germany .
Right after we finished conservatory we started making plans to start a recording studio.

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Bruce Swedien (Michael Jackson)

Masterclass with studio hero: Bruce Swedien at his West Viking studio!

At some piont I enlisted for a masterclass of famous studioengeineer Bruce Swedien, who happens to be the engineer of the most sold record of all times: “thriller” I had to send some work in order to to be selected for the course!  I got in!! Itwas wonderful to listen and experience somebody who’s sound influenced me for decades! I still use the mixes he did for Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson as reference! I got back with some extra “magic” in my pocket!

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